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solar system for home german energy

Affordable Solar Systems for Your Home

Are you a high energy user?Tired of paying your high energy bills? A Solaron system can save you money.

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commercial solar system german energy

Commercial Solar System for Business

Rely on commercial solar installation for financial stability, decrease operational costs & reduce carbon emissions.

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solar system for farm

Solar Systems for Your Farm

Do you own or operate a farm? Solar energy can help you slash your energy bills by 50% or more.

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solar maintance german energy

The Solar Doctor Makes House Calls

YES! The Solar Doctor can make house calls to inspect and service an existing solar system.

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Why Green Living?

In Australia, retail electricity costs have been increased by an average of 40% in past three years and by over 50% in some areas.

Switching to green living by going solar is an investment in not only your property and our planet, but it will also safeguard you and your family against escalating energy prices now and in future…

Now over 1 million Australians are enjoying “Green living” by switching their homes to solar energy powered homes – green homes. It’s an incorrect perception that solar PV technology is too expensive. Now a days prices of PV systems have dropped by over 45% over past few years.

Experts in Australia suggests that anyone paying more than 25c per KWh (which most of us pay) will get the return on investment within 5 years* for a 5KW system (*Refer CEC average daily production guidelines.)

Switching to Green living is a smart investment.

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