Affordable Solar Systems for Business

Solar was made for business. Book our solar profile today and start saving big tomorrow.

Our solar power systems have a track record of outperforming industry benchmarks and we deliver on time, on budget, to specification as evidenced byour happy customers.

In2014, we installed more capacity inthe 10-1OOkW range than any other installer in the nation. Our commercial solar division covers solar panel based photovoltaic (PV) power systems installed onthe rooftops of businesses, schools andcommunity organisations across Australia; from 20 kilowatt arrays to multi-megawatt projects. Anyone with a large roof space could reap the rewards of installing a commercial scale solar power system - you only need a minimum 200m2 offree roof space ingood condition,unimpeded and unshaded;with preferably a northerly aspect. Zero capital outlay arrangements arealsoavailable under our leasing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) programs.